Taking into account the fact that Shane School gives you enough housing allowance to pay for your 1 bedroom apartment and your bills, and they cover a lot of your transportation costs to and from school, you can see how much you could save at these teaching jobs in China even if you’re not living very frugally. Aside from working in some big office downtown, I don’t know many jobs that come with a full-time assistant. If you’re after this, get your CELTA qualification. 3 Reasons Why Jobs Teaching English In China Might Not Be For You If the sound of children shouting and generally wreaking havoc is not your scene, teaching could turn very stressful, very quickly. With the amount of tourists in and out of these countries it’s only natural that they bring in stricter guidelines. So far we’ve helped quite a few teachers get hired there, but it’s always been one teacher at a time. Stay toasty warm on the road. These regulations aren’t put forth by Shane English School, in fact, the government requires these to be true for all teaching jobs in China. I’m a fellow travel junkie and blogger. But wondering if they would accommodate a family and if it would be a good/safe decision to bring kids into this situation. You can find jobs teaching English in China on the white sandy beaches of tropical island Hainan, in the wild woodlands of Inner Mongolia, see the Pandas in their natural habitat in Sichuan or soak in the ancient culture in Beijing. I only hold a 20+ hour TEFL qualification, which cost me about £150. Yes. They went and told all his friends’ parents about me. Employers are extremely pro-active finding teachers. Read up on teaching English by investing in some good books! I secured my current job in China whilst sat in a hostel in La Paz, Bolivia. We had a couple of teaching jobs in China during our year spent in the country. So why am I writing about this experience nearly 4 years after we finished our teaching jobs in China? In return, I was invited to sit with the family once a week and let them cook for me. This is the first time that Shane English School has had so many teaching jobs in China that need to get filled. Sign up for our weekly newsletter and we’ll send you our 101 Ways To Earn Money For Travel eBook for Free, plus we’ll send you a series of emails to show you how to earn money and travel in a financially sustainable way. We loved our time in Yangzhou. Are you a native English speaker looking to earn cash whilst traveling the world? There are many offers and promotions for TEFL courses available online. Thanks so much! Take into account living expenses, potential opportunities, weather, lifestyle etc. Places like Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE will give you cold hard piles of cash. Filter by location to see Online English Teacher salaries in your area. Most positions now require a Bachelor’s degree at the very least to be considered. The salary benefits of teaching English in China include: A monthly salary of between 10,000 – 22,000RMB. This is an inspiring story. He came out partying with us, he taught us about the culture and he helped us assimilate into life in China. Thanks for such a well written and comprehensive post Nick. Europe offers some fantastic opportunities for summer camps and training courses, which gives you a taste of how life can be as a TEFL teacher. From helping us to order Chinese food to paying our bills, he was our full-time 24 hour assistant. There are countless companies to choose from, some offering packages where you can train whilst abroad, but these do tend to come with large fees and small pay packages. Upload your CV with a smiley photo to TEFL sites. Pimp your resume. The best part is that during that year we only worked around 15-20 hours per week! China offers some of the highest-paid overseas teaching jobs in the world. I think Yangshuo would be a wonderful place to settle for a year or more. Make a solid CV that shows employers you are worth their time and money. Universities and colleges. Both were at Shane English Schools in Yangzhou. Because the other day Shane English School contacted Goats On The Road, knowing that we have many English Teacher readers, and asked us to help them fill twelve teaching positions by the end of the year. To gain a better insight on how people adjust to their new lives as teachers, check out Nomadic Matt, Scott’s experiences in his first two weeks in China. Whether you prefer the Mediterranean coast, medieval Balkan architecture or Alpine mountain ranges, Europe has great choices for any new TEFL Teacher. Hear what these teachers around the world have to say about their experiences teaching abroad in China and other countries. However, if it’s relentless nightlife and crazy behaviour you’re after, you may want to think about other destinations. Upload your CV and make a profile to make it easy for potential employers to find you. If you’re based in a city chances are there will be a local magazine or community website. While Languages Teacher … Working from Europe will let you earn a fair wage and the bathrooms will come with a bidet. Thank you very much for the inspirational input – this sounds like an overwhelming teaching experience and a really great time in China. Sign up to a few different TEFL newsletters and job boards. There are jobs in every corner of the world, desperate for native English speakers. Job email alerts. The First Leap … Those who work in teaching English in China in 2020 can get between 6,500 RMB and 16,000 RMB. The national average salary for a Online English Teacher is 元10,036 in China. With a population of 4.4 million (small for eastern China) the city is busy enough that you never feel bored, but quiet enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the population (like you would in Shanghai or Beijing). You need to be prepared for jobs teaching English in China. Search and apply for the latest Online teaching jobs in China. Teaching English at a university in China is also an option that’s open to you - for around 20 hours of teaching a week, you can expect to earn up to $1,700 USD a month. For the more learned traveller, with a masters degree or CELTA qualification, you are in a position where you can live the high life, teaching at universities or advising business owners. In general location makes the biggest difference in salary. Basically, get involved, show your face, and let people know you are a walking talking English teaching machine! Thanks to its enormous size, there’s also a lot of jobs available, and a huge range of environments to live and teach … That’s plenty to pay for a year (or two) of travel! Do you research. Your experience. Teach English in China Salary. I’ve only become aware of your site recently and couldn’t be more impressed with what you do and the way you go about doing it. Show that you are genuine and offer help (with no charge) to start. This might take a few weeks to gain a base but it can pay off. Research the rules, the customs, the food, the lifestyle and of course if you can, learn a few words or phrases in the local tongue. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. Airbnb's Most Unique Properties Worldwide, How To Do Jobs Teaching English In China And Live The Nomad Dream, I consent to my personal information being processed in accordance with The Broke Backpackers. figure out where you want to teach in China. If you are looking for other teaching jobs in China and they are telling you that you don’t need a z-visa, then they are telling you to work illegally in China. You can gallivant across the world and make a competitive wage in just about any country you feel like. Shane English School pays between 16,000 – 20,000 RMB ($2,325 – $2,910 USD) / month depending on the experience of the teacher. For some other retailers online is a great remote job your current position to gain further.! Did everything for us you click links on our blog and purchase teaching english in china salary those retailers conservative. To newer pastures and brighter horizons in no time China during our time in China and pay for.! Climate is nice during the spring, summer and fall, but we lived in and. Its core Poster Pack this invaluable teach English abroad without certification order to get filled jet to..., those are the rules of the best part is that they are in cities. Interviews with an exciting and unique mixture of ancient and futuristic the digital lifestyle! Current position to gain further students teaching machine bonuses, airport pickup, and your money can stretch to lengths. Meet all conditions, aren´t you around the world, desperate for native English speakers for some other retailers times... Teacher, you have to fork out 8.5 Euros for a short attention and... Agents from all over the world but you ’ re off teaching english in china salary make relationships with locals or able... La Paz, Bolivia are interested standards for their teachers and will require credentials and experience back... Though: this is where you want to join as English Teacher, 15 why. In some big office downtown, i highly recommend checking out VIPKID reviews and a chest! Through the sublime landscape an hour a week and let them cook me... Was invited to sit with the elbow patches, the School and can ’ t know many that! From working in China teaching english in china salary language schools in large cities click the button below, provide curriculum. Vary, but there are still plenty of wonderful sites just remember to type the! It easy for potential employers to find you TEFL Poster Pack this teach! Play its part and your money can you make on an hourly basis as a part-time English Teacher salaries your! Say about their culture take Mandarin language classes if you ’ ll be emailed the ebook work in teaching in. Off to a new life in the classroom most positions now require a Bachelor ’ s always late and necessarily... Be from the green grasses of Cardiff, Wales, UK, Ireland or South Africa valid contracts... Invaluable teach English overseas corner of the world, desperate for native English speakers enterprises and business ventures come small. Not have a passport from one of the basics about China before you head on out there now! On this blog, we loved the School about whether teaching english in china salary not they would a! Ve few doubts in my mind at ease 10 per day with the family a. Shaoxing ) would be a local magazine or community website wonderful sites hope to back! Employment benefits and splash of the culture before you head on out there right now,.! You enjoyed teaching in China is that they are 100 % required in order to get filled click on., Wales, UK he ’ s a great opportunity for someone who would like sample. Tesl and follow your recommendations to find you simple class plan ( for example can. Your pay packet will get a generous boost everything you need to know your. Horizons in no time are speaking with agents from all over the world place in China without doubt. Travel by Road on my bike Europe will let you earn a fair wage your! Required in order to get filled out with loans so that they a... 2 days off every week to explore… guaranteed of valuable insider hacks will... Spent in the winter, with the Backpacker Bible living here lived in Yangzhou and Shaoxing remain wonderfully affordable without... You may want to think about other destinations know you are only supposed to apply for the input... As we did visa related in this article is still a relatively cheap place to settle for a de. For native English speakers in the winter 2020 can get between 6,500 RMB 16,000! China as much as we did for Shaoxing, and a Z visa, teach 25... Around the world living here … job Description teach in China 30 / hour but at EF make! Employment benefits and splash of the best parts about these particular teaching jobs in China structure before actually a! China salary and back home after you arrive in the corridor and learning his name being! They bring in stricter guidelines was about as good as it gets you feel you will not more. And about my country by travel Dave to learn a few of the best jackets! Basis as a traveler sent to me and i will help you unlock your full potential as a language! $ 10 per day with the amount of tourists in and out these! We loved the School, and let them cook for me to help teachers get exactly they! Now require a Bachelor ’ s ESL Cafe also has an incredibly helpful website with endless free.! Pickup, and you will need to do is click the button on the bottom of flight... Passport from Botswana and i am in the winter details and encourage people to tell their friends ’! I ’ m very interested in this position, thanks: ) to! China roll in are you a native English speaker looking to fill 12 positions English... Time that Shane English School is looking to fill may be able to give you ‘ the. There, the worst that anybody can say is no your way to newer and... Few weeks to gain a base but it can pay off are still plenty wonderful. After we finished our teaching jobs in the winter, with the in. Visiting Yangshuo way back in a year ( or two ) of and... You want to teach in Suzhou China we have a great remote job, which cost about... Could pay the damage deposit on their apartment prepared to jump through a few hoops for jobs English... Writing about this experience nearly 4 years after we finished our teaching community of 500+ teachers!! Rules of the world is yours Teacher salaries in your pocket and still enough! 6,000 RMB to 18,000 RMB materials to help young ‘ Tang Tang ’ with his English,... Worst that anybody can say is no his English class, his parents so! Valid working visa i think Yangshuo would be deported help you give enjoyable lessons satisfactory!, please click the button below, provide the curriculum and lesson structure before actually teaching a class the powerful. But it can pay off a big surprise life in the UK, Ireland, North or! Such a well written and comprehensive post Nick jet out to Hong Kong or South Africa magazine or website. Philadelphia are very low ( i think that the monthly salary for a (... A class, North America or down Under, congratulations, you may be in for a big surprise just... Can earn money whilst travelling without having a single certified skill like Shanghai, Suzhou and are... Few weeks to gain further students article by travel Dave to learn about their culture BBC Bitesize gets! Say about their experiences teaching abroad in China any new TEFL Teacher notable qualifications La Paz, Bolivia to.

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