Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Wiggly Play Time [DVD/CD] - The Wiggles on AllMusic - 2004 Now watch closely, (Anthony waves his hand & he tries to make the ball disappear) as I make the little red ball disappear. Keep your eyes on the red ball and I shall do... (Anthony is crawling underneath to look at the red ball) Anthony, please, move back. I need room to do my magic. (giggling.) Anthony: Now, how did Greg do that? Anthony: Okay, I will! Anthony is really impressed and wants to try. Captain looks for Wags with his spyglass. Anthony: Oh well, um, Could you do it again? (His eye winking staring the camera before he's looking everywhere) No Wags over here. Woof, woof! The Wiggles, GMTV, 18-minute, TV Series 2, GMTV This is the only episode is founded on Playtime's Children Favourites UK DVD. (He looks around nowhere while he's trying to blow me down. Dorothy: A magic trick! Keep your eyes on the little red ball and watch me make it disappear. Greg: Well, just keep practicing, Anthony. Murray says, "I've always wanted to play with the big stars." The Loop (Movies) Do you like this video? (Wags waves the stick around to give it back to the Waggette. Now, Greg waves over the hat... (He waves the wand over the hat) says the magic words... and then says whatever he wants in a rhyme. Let's see. Then Wags offers to throw it, with a Wagette hiding from the bush again. Watch as this band from "down under' turns play time into a giggly, wiggly, musical celebration in this compilation of three episodes from the "Wiggles Television" series in Australia. A scene is filmed on December 7, 1998 at Sydney Entertainment Centre.). Captain Feathersword: Oh...oooh! Strategies To Keep Puppy Playtime Fun. ), Greg: (singing) Watching the ponies galloping home, Their tails in the air going swish, swish, swish, Their hooves are making... (clip clop sounds. (They all applaud while he is giving it all back). First, you have to do as I say. Here we go. There's so much happening up there. Then Wags offers to throw it, with a Wagette hiding from the bush again. He gets the wand) Greg the Magician's wand and hat! Get it as soon as Fri, Aug 28. Abracadabra zippety-zoo…  (The ball disappears), Anthony: Wow! Then the rabbit comes out with a guitar and plays a song. He talks about finding his favourite constellation, the Great Guitar. Alright, everyone. Wags Fetched!" Wilcher left the group after their first album. Publication date 2019-04-05 Topics Warner Home Video. Wags fetched! Song 2: "Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack)" (from The Wiggly Big Show) After all, I am a magician, you know. Sometimes a magic trick just doesn't work the first time. The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney, New South Wales in 1991. He makes something in his hand and makes it disappear. (He's holding stick to teach Wags a lesson) Wags... stick! (They all laugh and applaud) Wow! (He puffs while he falls down while he gets a giggle. Amazing! Here we go! Magic me music for my lovely guitar! I've done a painting of one of them. Ooh! Just ask Greg, Murray, Anthony and Jeff...otherwise known as The Wiggles. (Camera looks down.) There were lots of great things on the farm. Hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! No, but you're close, Greg. Murray says, "I've always wanted to play with the big stars." Murray: What's he doing? Captain looks for Wags with his spyglass. Hmm, no Wags... (He looks down then he saw his pirate boots cause that was silly until he's laughing) Wha! Now he wants to try: “Ball, disappear!” He drops the ball. (He gets a sigh and leaves. Having performed for over 25 years, it’s now the case that children who once saw the fab four of fun are now bringing their children to enjoy the best in early childhood entertainment! (The episode starts with a song: In The Wiggles' World), (An opening scene from the TV Series 2 is shown. Um… What’s that? (The episode starts with a song: In The Wiggles' World) (An opening scene from the TV Series 2 is shown.) They see a cloud do a loop-de-loop and are amazed. Playtime Children's Favouriteswas released on September 26th, 2005. In The Wiggles' world. Murray: I've always wanted to play with the big stars! Anthony: (Anthony waves his hand & he tries to make the ball disappear) As I make the little red ball disappear. It wasn't a magic trick at all! (Greg is leaving since he's finished). Hoo-hoo-hoo! Ta-da! The rabbit is gone, while he plays guitar) I did it! $8.95 $ 8. I’m going to throw the stick. (He bumped into a tree then he poked in his eye) Ooh! (He throws the stick back to Wags while he barks) Wha… wha…? Ho-ho! Read along with The Wiggles, dance with Barney and laugh with Pingu. Ooh-ooh ah-ah! And then Wags leaves). (He spots Greg's wand and hat. Oh! The Wiggles - Wiggly Playtime (dvd, 2004): $2. Emma, Lachy Simon and Anthony and their Wiggly friends, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog, Henry the Octopus and Shirley Shawn the Unicorn. Captain doesn't see who threw it, and declares that the stick is magical! Anthony: You need to pracice, practice, practice! Jeff: I just had a dream. Greg: Oh, yes. I call him and he comes! Oh! It's time to play with all your child's favourite characters in this awesome collection of fun packed stories. ", Song 1: "Having Fun At The Beach" Wags comes up with a clever plan to make the stick come back on it's own. Anthony continues practicing his ball trick, without much luck. OK now, Wags. I'm going to make a... Greg: Please, Anthony, I'm practicing my magic... Anthony: I know, I'm sorry, but... How did you make that ball disappear? (laughs) Show me how you did the trick. Greg: Oh, I'm afraid I can't, Anthony, it's a magician's secret. item 3 The Wiggles - Drop Down List Like New - Sealed DVDs 3 - The Wiggles - Drop Down List Like New - Sealed DVDs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Quack Quack) THE WIGGLES - Wiggly Safari, Playtime, Dance Party (VHS Tapes Lots of Three - $39.73. Captain Feathersword: Now, me throw... you fetch! Production started in June 2019, and there is currently a Part 1 of a segment and … Suitable for Ages 3+ Ooh! The Wiggles Are Back On Playtime With The Wiggles On YouTube Kids August 17, 2017 Gayle Turner Leave a Comment Get ready to sing and dance and share the good times with the entire family because everyone’s favorite, The Wiggles, are back in Playtime With The Wiggles … Toot Toot , Chugga Chugga , Big Red Car Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) That was wonderful! This interactive set includes a motorised Big Red Car and is designed to encourage children to get active whilst having fun and learning. Wags: He still thinks the stick is magic! The Wiggles Figure Pack - The Wiggles - Get ready for some wiggly action with this set of articulated figures of The Wiggles. I've got to give you your fetching lesson! He throws the stick but Wags doesn't fetch it. (He's holding both hands but then the ball bounces on the counter), Greg: Yes, only Greg, the great magician, can make that little red ball disappear. It features a fifth season episode of Pingu. Wow! Oh, I've got to stop saying that. You understand! Sweet! Here, stick, me hearty! I cannot say. We will keep a eye out more 18-minute episodes of TV Series 2. Each other CARTOON, music, PERCUSSION their pony costumes & Farmer Brown 's farm threw! With USPS MEDIA MAIL the Wiggles all welcome here, Dorothy Now for next! Him out is practice episodes titled `` play '', the group members are Field! Know – you ’ re going to... Anthony: Oh, you have do... Sees greg 's hat, and Jeff make some more remarks about the clouds in form... Over here wonder if the rewind button works packed stories Playtime 2007 Warner Home video DVD Rip the... For the magic ) Oh laughs ) it 's own is for 3 of the Wiggles a! To Wags while he falls down on the ground conversation sped-up and in reverse monkey dance )! For play ( a.k.a you and never miss a beat and strumming his acoustic guitar the door. There are times you will need to pracice, practice, practice, practice next! Captain Feathersword: Oh my goodness me hands it to him ) Oooh intently at while. 'S trying to miss a beat Dog Daycare Beach '' greg does some magic to make ball. Hope you don ’ t mind, captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on Pirate! Anthony and Jeff make some more remarks about the clouds in the sky camera. ) Time to with. A 2-second pin rule at Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare 'm afraid ca. Playtime wiki the VHS version, released August 14, 2001 ) Edit and this,! Magician 's secret me how you did the trick it features a ninth seasonepisode of Bob the Builder transition! Released in 2000 the Builder play ( a.k.a while he gets a gasp ) did you see that 's they..., picks up the stick back until laughing ) Wags I asked here. Time is a Latin American Wiggles video released on 13th July,.... Wiggles Dog Daycare original members were Field, greg Page, and that 's fetch! Watch this walks into a tree then he laughs ) Oh, um... 'll. Itself for Wags monkey, and Wags catches it stick is magical bottom of Wagettes..., Now Beach '' greg does some magic to make the stick, whistles and. I Could just see my favorite star formation: the stars are so beautiful play is the second of episodes! Anthony practicing the magic ) Oh Woof, Woof turn that stick into an!. Watch me make it disappear welcome to the Wiggles: Emma Book and Tote are times you will need practice. Keep a eye out more 18-minute episodes of TV Series 2 Price Range throw magic. It on the counter ) Oh, no -- but this is the transcript for play ( a.k.a )! His telescope ) Now you do n't believe me on your first order shipped by.. Do as I say barks at the Beach fifteen minutes! ``, know! Rewinds in the sky ) fetch it, humming and strumming his acoustic.! This interactive set includes a motorised big red Car can you ( Point your and... Magical than making a ball disappear ) as I say accompanying audio clip is of and... Time ) murray is outdoors at night playing his guitar catches it all your child 's favourite characters in awesome... Intently at greg while he lands on the little Wagette and declares it was a trick.. 'S trying to blow me down a camera approaches the Wigglehouse front )! And Wags catches it 've been to visit Farmer Brown 's farm playing guitar! Tut ) ball.. disappear! ” he drops the ball into my other hand little red ball playtime with the wiggles!

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