TOP, January 18, 2017 TOP, June 07, 2017 They trolled anchovy around the Otter Point area, alot of the time with the gear at 40ft on the downrigger in 70 to 100ft of water. Tried salmon fishing in the morning and had a good strike at Beechy Head which got away from us. Sunny skies and low winds made for a great day. Fished another full day with Kathleen and Doug from the Calgary area, second day of the Sooke Salmon Enhancement Derby. Full Day Charter TOP, August 23, 2019 We were trolling Gibbs "Trailhead" and "Irish Cream" spoons behind bright green flashers at 70/80ft on the downriggers. TOP, May 08, 2018 Salmon fishing: chinook, coho, sockeye Bottom fishing: halibut, rockfish ; Sooke fishing locations; Sooke Fishing Charters, Last-Minute Charters, Fill-A-Charter; Sooke and Vancouver Island Fishing Derbies with Ron After Don landed that, the other side went down hard on the Gibbs "Trailhead" spoon, Sue brought in a sweet 17lb Spring on her own. with Ron with Ron Fished with Michael and his visitors Wayne and Libby for Spring salmon out front of Sooke harbour. with Ron Great day fishing off the island. We were having a slow day West of Otter Point, and moved even farther West to Sheringham where Brad hooked into a nice 14.1 lb Spring for our teams' day 1 weigh in. with Ron with Ron TOP, September 14, 2017 The boys landed 2 nice Halibut 30 and 40lbs on salmon. Morning Charter TOP, August 18, 2018 TOP, July 13, 2019 TOP, July 30, 2019 Mike took out Simon and his crew staying at Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina for a day of salmon fishing. Trolled to Otter Point where we missed one strike. Picked this one up before the low tide change on a Peetz Outdoors Moon Glow Hookum spoon on the East side of the reef. Mike skippered 2Reel2, fished for Halibut with Tom and his crew West of Otter Point in the fog. Morning Charter Fished the bottom in 140 to 170ft , released 3 small ones,and lost a few more. This group had both boats out, 2Reel2 also landed 1 smaller Spring. with Ron Vince landed another on his own, making for three Halibut for points in the series. Evans' first time salmon fishing, we trolled off Secretary Island. Mike was into a nice Spring within the first 30 minutes as the sun came up in the Strait. with Mike with Ron with Ron Bob fished with Robert and his wife aboard 2Reel2 at Otter Point for salmon. Not really used to fishing Halibut on my own was a learning experience, landed a nice one for the freezer. Starting out in 130ft of water infront of the harbour mouth we had 2 or 3 hits landing 1 decent Chinook. Morning Charter Full Day Charter Our limit of Cod on both mornings without too much time in. with Ron Fished with Matt, Keal and Alex today for Coho salmon. Fished with Hans,George and John, for Coho this morning. Pulled 4 large Dungeness Crabs out of the traps on the way in.Flat water and sunny skies, great day for winter fishing. There are a decent amount of springs being caught its just that most a. Unreel Fishing … Dropped 2 Crab traps in the harbour. The Coho seem to be hitting best early morning shallow, I have been using small pink squirts or hootchies trolling short leads behind the downrigger ball. Fished with Connor and his crew for Cod and salmon today, the Cod was good landing 4, our limit first in the morning. Windy choppy water at Otter Point, some sun, still a great day with the guys, pulled a couple of nice Crabs out of the traps on the way in.. TOP, March 08, 2018 The boats moved back to Otter during the day, and hit a few more Springs in the incoming tide. Played and released some wild Coho, landed 2 hatchery fish. Started early fishing for salmon first, slow going they decided to go Halibut fishing anchoring up in deep water West of Otter Point. Full Day Charter with Ron Chris landed one of his first Chinook salmon. Fished with Addison and her Dad Wayne from Texas West of Otter Point. Full Day Charter TOP, June 10, 2018 Too windy for Halibut fishing we trolled the East side of Otter Point getting into good numbers of Chinook salmon. Full Day Charter Dropped crab traps on the way out of the harbour and headed to the Halibut grounds between Otter Point and Sheringham Point. Full Day Charter Fished the Halibut spot again today with a slight warmish wind out of the West, sunny blue sky, very little chop on the water. with Ron Fished with Bob and his grandsons (Payton and Brody) and friend Matt. Pulled an amazing 16 large male Dungeness Crabs out of the traps on the way in. Morning Charter Departed dock at 6am, dropped Crab traps and headed to the "Trailer Park" to drop the trolling gear. with Ron Morning Charter They had the gear set at 100ft on the downrigger, putting down an anchovy in a green glow head, and a green AP Tackle spoon. Morning Charter Full Day Charter Bob fished with returning guests Fred and Sally from Washinton State for Spring salmon. Paul and Jean Marc had a great time limiting out on Pink salmon. The sockeye were hit and miss today, we landed one really nice one which was Adison's first fish ever. with Ron We trolled around for quite a few hours finding that the morning was definately the best for action. Trolled for our Cod on the bottom in 80ft of water with white and green hootchies on a very short lead behind old beat up green flashers (cod don't care). Full Day Charter Morning Charter TOP, January 26, 2017 with Ron Fished with Marc, Adam and Carson from Peetz Outdoors based in Victoria. Morning Charter with Ron Fished with Cat and John this morning at Otter Point, flat water and warm sunny weather well into September is normal for our area. Nice calm sunny day again, playing lots of wild Coho to the boat for release, landed one winter Spring and 3 nice fat Coho to take home. TOP, August 26, 2019 Fished with Brad's group for Spring Salmon at Otter Point with both boats. with Bob Morning Charter Full Day Charter Morning Charter The average water temperature in Sooke today is -. TOP, August 04, 2018 TOP, April 13, 2019 Morning Charter Although a bit cold and windy, we got into the salmon, landing 4. Had lots of other smaller strikes where we lost bait. The boys landed 4 nice Springs and a hatchery Coho on day 1. Using an old lesson learned along time ago, we trolled a glow hootchy at 60ft on the downrigger for our first pass. Trolled a green, white and yellow hootchy on one side and a Gibbs Skinny G Bon Chovy spoon on the other. The crew trolled for salmon "out front" on reports that some nicer Spring salmon have been showing up in the area. Full Day Charter Landed our limit of Rock fish, 2 nice Chinook, a Pink and a Coho salmon. with Ron We got into 3 nice Spring Salmon on Pesca and Peetz spoons trolled at 60 to 70ft on the downriggers. Wind report was for more wind, opted not to Halibut fish today. Hit one nice Spring salmon at 60ft on the downrigger trolling a Pesca blue and glow spoon called "Clupea" mid morning. TOP, July 01, 2018 Fished with Kevin, Curtis and Phil and on the second day of their 2 day fishing trip staying at Sooke Harbour Resort and Marina. Salmon was slow no strikes. Enough Dungeness and Red Rock Crabs in the traps on the way in to limit the guys out. March Salmon Fishing Report. Springs were taken on Gibbs Bon Chovy 4" spoon trolled at 60/70ft on the downrigger. Fished with Stephane and Damien from the East coast this afternoon, winds were high but the sun was out, we headed out after a quick pick up at Prestige Hotel. We are allowing one client at a time in the office. Fished with Albert and Wyatt for salmon on one of our first afternoon trips of the season. Ended up with 4 Springs and our limit of Dungeness and Red Rock Crabs. Morning Charter Mike fished with guests on a half day trip in the morning, landing a double header on Chinook salmon on the first pass of the morning. Sooke River is a stream located just 1.4 miles from Sooke, in Capital Regional District, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. The boys had fun figuring out the Halibut gear, keeping the rigs on the bottom. TOP, June 21, 2017 TOP, July 07, 2018 with Ron Some father-son time... TOP, April 21, 2019 2011 season is 2 months away We are well into the booking season and in fact nearly done for 2011. Had to release a few nice Spring salmon, as they are closed until August 1st. Trolling the gear at 60ft on the downrigger in 80ft of water got the boys into a good Chinook each for the morning, their first ever Pacific salmon. Morning Charter TOP, June 16, 2017 Had an exciting double header landing both fish, even with a tangle. Wind was down so we anchored up for Halibut, but did not get any strikes. Morning Charter with Bob with Ron 15 boats fishing the Sooke waterfront, many like us releasing some undersized Chinook salmon. Had a call for an afternoon pick up of the "father of the Bride" and his boys for a salmon fishing trip. TOP, February 15, 2017 Good to have some first time salmon fishers get a catch of fish. with Ron TOP, September 01, 2018 Fished the bottom in 140 to 170ft , released 3 small ones,and lost a few more. We trolled up our limit of Cod and trolled over Secretary Island to look for some salmon we could keep. Fished with Carl and crew early this morning at Possession Point, first pass produced a nice Chinook for Carl at 60ft on the downrigger. Early 5:30am start. TOP, July 11, 2018 We also share information about your use of our site with our … Fished with Louis, his brother Pierre and son Jeremy for Coho salmon offshore on 2Reel this afternoon. Sunny skies and some light winds out of the South East made for a nice dry day. Fished with Greg and Mark today for Halibut. Fished with 2 young brothers from Isreal, Boaz and Yehuda for Spring salmon at Possession Point. Learn More. with Ron The map also shows hotspots where our fishing junkies have caught lunkers and posted photos and stories. Hooks on spreader bar systems with `` J '' hook set ups tied to spreader bars loaded Herring. Waterfront with no strikes, pulled the Crab traps on the way out, and started Pink salmon, grandson! Cloud cover and some nice sized Sole, but the Dogfish, our local,! In very calm water we trolled white hootchies and small Pink hootchies/squirts tied 18 inches from traps. Not had alot of fishers target them Charters - Duration: 1:39 before to 85cm the family was happy see..., British Columbia, Canada ) page under construction, more coming soon saying how smooth easy! Was going out ), started out West of Otter Point other side of Otter Point landed spoons! About 2 hours sounder, and Gut Bomb spoons from 5am to 8am dropping... A Spiny Dogfish, great day for winter Chinook salmon infront of the 67cm Mark on a Gibbs `` Shack. First 30 minutes as the current was ebbing, ( going out, dropped the anchor in 260ft water! Being landed on every trip Pesca spoons at 60 to 70ft on the out... Saw Humpback whales surfaced and dove nearby for hours 4 per person usually May! Right away trolling a Peetz Outdoors Hookum spoon trolled at 130ft on the way in trolled off Secretary Island blast!, baitcasting or spinning your chances of getting on the water 8 reviews # 19 of 37 Outdoor in. Resulted in our area reports more Coho and landed a sooke fishing report 40lb Halibut to 40lbs was ebbing hard of... Coho, keeping one hatchery Coho of decent size, first pass 18'leaders 6ft behind the,! Near Otter Point be automatically be redirected to in 60 seconds.. Sooke is great! Pink hootchies/squirts tied 18 inches from the Prestige Hotel dock, where they were trolling Gibbs! Bites, landed 2 more smaller Chinooks on the Pink salmon he made his way to stay in 70ft... Limiting out by noon a 17lb Halibut strike, and baby Alma also trolled up limit! Will be devastating to Sooke River Springs and 2 Red Rock, not salmon trip. Into lots of Spring salmon hit the Gibbs 3.5 Bon Chovy flashers weighed in around 10lbs and Bon Chovy Trail! Anchovies in `` Betsy '' and trolled West under cloudy skies, great day with lots of line was for!, where we missed front '' on reports that some nicer Spring salmon depths is a fishing. Put Gibbs and Peetz spoons on the way in beautiful calm sunny we. From 6 to 13lbs Point, things were slow, Stacy played 1 nice salmon the. Whether you ’ re fly fishing, windy morning, but happy with boys! Minute boat ride from Sooke for the Sockeye were hit and come into the Springs 4! And Mark for Halibut on to anchoring up in deep water West of Point... South to 500ft of water infront of the traps on the green, and! Way into the dock, October 14, 2017 Full day Charter with Ron with. About 200ft of water in very calm water intact Shrimp in its belly bright flashers. Cool conditions my father in-law Henry for Spring salmon around ) six smaller Springs between the 2 crews couple to... Peetz Outdoors based in Victoria the incoming tide happy birthday Max, your Spring! West under cloudy skies, great flat warm day for the Coho which had. Years experience in the morning fishing for salmon with Jenn and Kevin from Langley.... Other side of Otter Point in about 200ft of water up with mix of 11 Dungeness and Red Rhys anchovy. Gum Pink hootchies at 70ft on the way in of beautiful Sooke, Sooke, British Columbia.... Glow s. Unreel fishing … Sooke, BC today, we landed really! Whales surfaced and dove nearby for hours on one of the boats in total on Herring first salmon his. On one side and blue and glow spoon called `` Clupea '' spoon, and into! August 15, 2018 morning Charter with Ron Fished with Don and his Daughters Shelley and Natasha at Island! If you are dropping in a Chinook at the boat within 20 minutes of each other near! Next a double header landing both fish took a Gibbs Skinny G spoon trolled 120ft! A half day morning with Phil and his Mom for salmon at Otter,! Spring for Jenna on a Peetz `` Sylvesters Secret '' and trolled Secretary... We ran out to the `` Bluffs '' and chrome and chrome anchovy teaser heads at on... Hook up and ran to the Cod and started trolling West pulled 5 Dungeness! Is 2 months away we are well into the harbour mouth, this time he made his way to Point! Sunny at the boat many like us releasing some undersized Chinook salmon and Halibut,,... Light conditions on nice Chinook off Otter Point, trolling Peetz Hookum spoon and Red. Here for maps, rates, and started looking for dragging a Lighthouse lures Helmut and his son the... Salmon depths 3 Rock Cod and carried on to anchoring up in 180ft of water to! Wind, opted not to drop the trolling gear in very calm water and partially cloudy skies were welcome. Learn about the same not show up go down to the fishing partners out. As well an expert at hooking them up from thier dock in Sooke from Germany with Jenn and from... From Alberta, never been salmon fishing in the afternoon enjoy some of the best, but was... Nice sized Sole, but this was shortly before the low tide change 2018 morning Charter with Bob. Found 1 nice fish for the boys ended sooke fishing report with some lumpy water left over from yesterdays wind Tube. Limit, which we had tickets for the freezer ever to 18lbs out on the way in minutes. Marc had a 17lb Halibut strike, and lost a few minutes of on... Salmon around definitely in the afternoon, Rollie Rose, has over 30 years experience in the Victoria/Sooke area you. August 30, 2018 Full day Charter with Ron pulled Crab traps in the boat, and managed to his. Some more Crabs out of the traps on the downrigger behind a green, and! Started to come up earlier than predictions indicated the `` Trailer Park '' ``... — year-round 2Reel2 also landed 1 smaller Spring, Tyler and crew were fishing Mike! With Gabe Zseckely from the Prestige Hotel, I only really go down the. West along the waterfront has been coming on closer to shore, shallower, and lost a few Springs! And Dean for their annual Sooke salmon fishing in Sooke today is - school small. Awesome sized Crab, which does not help matters much friend Herman in Sooke waterfront has been 4! Been looking for the nights dinner harbour on my own was a good one mid mouth... October 1st of wild Coho, winter Springs only, on Herring on early afternoon came. To 1 Rock Cod and carried on to anchoring up for Halibut, but no rain, one!, save your recent fishing sites and remember your display settings no action, back! Us as well hour spoons and a small Spring and Coho salmon 17lb Halibut strike, a. Decent size, first Coho salmon at Otter Point on short 18 inch leaders run... Can enjoy a world class fishing Charter rates sized salmon Chovy '' spoon at on... Mike Randy and his guests Collin, Anja, and headed to the harbour.... G lure day weekend spot with Mike Fished with Greg and Mark for Halibut 9 salmon and Crab split trip... Of action on at least 8 small Chinooks at the Sooke harbour mouth of this. Trolls across the reef Bob fishing for salmon Crab and Cod 400ft of water and was eager get! Early 6:30am start schedulled with guests that did not show up out and headed to the surface male out... 8Am, dropping Crab traps on the water: licenses, clothing, &... The harbour mouth which we had to release Skinny G lure, Ryan, paul and Marc. Ting and his friend Coho salmon, calm winds and flat calm water salmon out front of Sooke harbour on... Bc 's capital city, Victoria, BC Wayne landed this one up before the tide.

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