Same as transformers, trains transformed into humanoid robots called as Robot Trains. When it comes to Transformers … They could be combined into the single entity known as Computron, which featured two blasters and hours of fun! The Predacons were based on animals and could be combined into a single, giant robot called Predaking! Target / Toys / Action Figures ... OFFICE the simpsons the terminator the twilight zone the umbrella academy The Wizard of Oz the x-files Thor TIE Fighter tokidoki Toy Story Transformers trick 'r treat … Originally, he was made for the Microman series, but got a new paint job and came over to the Transformers where he became incredibly popular. He writes for ScreenRant, CBR, NerdBastards, Listverse, Ranker, WhatCulture, and many other sites online. If you have one, it's worth around $3,000. Transformers toys eventually became Transformers collectibles and evolved into the flourishing market of high-quality collectibles, figures, models and toys available today. Starscream is another of those toys few kids could resist from tearing out of the box. $29.99$29.99. The next toys from the upcoming Transformers War for Cybertron Kingdom line to get the gallery treatment are WFC-K7 Paleotrex and WFC-K3 Vertebreak. Fitting them all together produced the combiner Predaking which was a fan-favorite when it was released. 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Fortunately, Hasbro bundled them into a Gift Set, which combined all five robots into one box. With this toy little heroes can play in 3 ways, this toy size will fit for small hands. In tandem with this new endeavor, Armada signaled a new continuity in its accompanying animated series and a new focus in both the show and the toys on Mini-Cons. Back when The Transformers Movie was released (the original, not the live-action one), nobody knew who Galvatron was. One of the most popular figures in the Decepticon line was Starscream, Megatron's second-in-command who could transform into an F-15 Eagle. Technobots are highly collectible, but the Gift Set... even more so. Playskool Heroes Transformer Rescue Bots Optimus Prime. Below are some my partial list of the Top Transformers Toys. They regularly sell for around $3,100 in online auctions. Optimus Prime is one of the best-known members of the Transformers seeing as he is the charismatic leader of the Autobots. After that, they made some changes to this toy. After several lines of toys produced by one company or the other, Hasbro and Takara united to produce what was purported to be a single, identical line of Transformers for release worldwide. The toys he shares are the toys that kids ask for the most these days! The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Later versions transformed into an F-14 Tomcat, but call it what you will, it was still a robot that turned into a jet fighter, and the kids loved him. Thus, the more descriptive bits will be tackled year-by-year... but there's still plenty to talk about in the big picture. Unfortunately we … Swoop was the group's scout who could turn into a Pteranodon, which ironically isn't a dinosaur. Putting together all of the Aerialbots into their combiner produced Superion, which was made up of Silverbolt, Fireflight, Slingshot, Air Raid, and Skydive. Generation 1 characters changed into new characters in 2001 with Dreamwave productions. To capitalize on its popularity, Hasbro released Sky Lynx, which is comprised of two separate components: a space shuttle and a group transport vehicle. One of the best types of Transformers kids could get their hands on were Aerialbots who could transform into various types of jets. Since Transformers were selling so well, they picked up Omega Supreme, slapped the Transformers logo on the box, and called it a day. Even, Hasbro and Takara Tomy companies developed transformers toys and they became massive multimedia toys with an animated series, comics and a feature film, and many more. G1 Ultra Magnus Figure. This line was brought by Hasbro to America as the Robots in Disguise ( 2001-2002 ). Motormaster was a member of the Stunticons, which were a Decepticon group who could transform into stunt cars. And for the sake of nostalgia alone, it's tough to criticize any figure of the beloved Optimus Prime. RC Toy Transforming Robot Remote Control (27 MHz) Truck with One Button Transformation, Realistic … Emma Realistic Toys. Kids could attach smaller robots onto him to make larger structures. If you happen to have one that you never played with NIB, you can probably get up to $2,000 if you're ready to part with it. Hasbro and Takara Tomy companies developed transformers toys and they became massive … These sell for around $1,100 when they pop up online, which is not something that happens often. 2. iPlay, iLearn Kids 3 in 1 Transformers Robot Toys: This toy is a 3 in 1 transforming toy, contains 65 pcs that can convert into a robot, workbench, and truck. close. This video game from Activision's lets gamers get … Out of the box, they are only worth around $15. This wasn't a mistake, but rather, an intentional change to the character. This toy has two major components, the first one being a red and blue whitefrightliner WFT- 8664T cab-over semi-trailer truck partially composed of die-cast metal, and the second component being a large silver trailer of a currently-undetermined model. He famously transforms into a semi-tractor/trailer, which could open up to reveal numerous pieces and parts inside. we have found some best Optimus prime toys as well. Like the other Gift Sets on this list, they rarely remained intact and were most often ripped open to get to the toys inside. Even FurReal toys also available in the form of animals like cats, horses, rabbits, dogs, etc. Transformers Kids Animals & Nature Educational Toys, Animals & Zoo Shark Suit Guy Kids Toy Building Toys, Schleich Kids Whale Animal & Dinosaur Action Figures, Blue Whale Kids Webkinz & Lil 'Kinz Animals, Realistic Stuffed Animals, Transformers Toys & Hobbies for Kids, Realistic Spider Indiana Battery Operated Animal Toys, Transformers … Deluxe Class Paleotrex is a … Need your order delivered in time for the Holidays? A first for any toyline, this subline is generally split between "Generation 1" characters and those from Beast Wars. You can expect to sell one for around $3,000 if the condition is mint and graded. However, you can follow along as he discovers the newest popular toys each year. We already mentioned how Hot Spot could combine with other Protectobots to form Defensor, but collecting all five robots could be expensive. Discussion in ' Transformers Toy Discussion ' started by … When it was released, Reflector wasn't the most popular Transformer, and many people disliked it for a variety of reasons. Beyblade & Bakugan toys … Soundwave is essentially a cooler, sleeker version of Blaster, but one who works for the side of evil! Optimus prime was available as a mail-away toy in the “digital doom on the highway to destruction” offer in the US in 1986. Of the five original G1 Dinobots, Grimlock was easily the most popular. Transformers Toys Studio Megatron Action Figure. A classic Transformers toy that no play or collection should be without, Optimus Prime is a prime example of the very best Transformers toys. Top 30 Transformer Toys for Kids 2020. Click here to get the Full List of the Best Transformers Toys. One of the franchises that fit this bill is the Transformers line of toys. They regularly go for around $2,000 if they are NIB. We can move this car forward, backward, left and right by using a remote controller and it is made with high-quality material. Bumblebee. The shuttle transformed into a bird-like creature while the transport vehicle could become a lynx. A Walkman was basically what 80s kids had instead of an iPod, and it played cassette tapes, which could be switched out. System, meaning most toys … Update: Check out our unboxing of this amazing Transformers 35th Anniversary package Hasbro sent over! Kids can convert the Bumblebee rescue guard figure from vehicle mode to bot mode and back again with Easy 2 Do conversion. The third series also started in 2019 and there is a couple of series developed based on different toy lines during and after the 20th century. Also if you like transformers check out robot trains! Most people are content to hang onto one or two mint-condition boxed G1 Transformers if at all possible, but that's not how one collector worked. Your Transformers collection already weighs more than you do, we think that’s a pretty good start! If you can find a graded and NIB copy of the Computron Gift Set, odds are, it's going to cost around $5,000. This made him the most controversial Transformer, and quite possibly, the most controversial action figure released in the 20th century. Kids RC Toy Sports Car: The name itself indicates that it is a remote control car transforming into a robot warrior, to save the galaxy from evil. Playskool Heroes Rescue Bots Energize Bumblebee. Transformers is a media franchise ( it is a collection of several derivatives such as film, a work of literature, a television program, or a video game )  produced by the American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy. 3. FIGROL Transform Car Robot, Robot Deformation Car Model Toy for Children, Transforming Robot Remote Control Car with One Button Transformation & Realistic Engine Sounds &360 Speed Drifting 1:14 Scale 4.3 out of 5 stars 9. Robots in Disguise Combiner Force team Ultra Bee. Unlike most Transformers, Omega Supreme didn't transform into a vehicle, but rather, a base. Reflector was actually three separate characters who combined into a single, useful device. We also found this great video about the history of transformers as well.