The only thing he knows for now is his name an he sometimes doesn’t respond to it when I try to train him. Your article is very helpful,and she isn’t my first stubborn baby but my first shepherd. Give no attention until all her paws are firmly on the ground. I have not given up on her but I am not sure what else to do? He sometimes nips visitors – and it is definitely a nip. I highly recommend looking into training your boy using clicker training and food rewards. This will be a great help in your training. It’s one way to teach her that jumping is not going to give her the reward she wants or is used to. You can pick up a clicker at just about any store or on Amazon. Now the treat comes for looking to you when he sees or hears a trigger. Here’s a link to my article on how to curb barking. He came to us with some medical problems and as a result was unable to be socialised until he was 6 months, at which time we took him to obedience training, the first 2 courses he excelled but as he progressed in with the older dogs he became totally focused on the other dogs and almost uncontrollable. I’ve just recently rescued a 3 year old German Shepherd and he seems to be a great dog! Deena. Since the GSD is a guarding/herding breed, barking is common with German Shepherds. Since you’re already pretty experienced with training, you’ll come across some stuff in the program you already know. I still can’t even believe that video I watched – it’s incredible. Our family is made up of myself, my husband and two small daughters (8 months and 3 years). ☺ If you happen to get an older dog, adult dogs can still be trained effectively. If you could make a video of the situation you described where he’s unruly when people come over. I appreciate the great tips. Can a German Shepherd tolerate cold weather? The trainer who developed the program uses games as a way to train dogs, so the focus is on using their natural intelligence to help them learn the things we want them to do. I walk her for at least an hour a day, she is with the most of the time and minimally with another dog (they get along but don’t really play), she is fed well with a grain free food, including supplements of eggs and coconut oil… I don’t have much more time or energy to dedicate to her. Now, our dog trainer is telling me that I cannot walk her. Should I continue training if my German shepherd bit me? I know he still has a lot to learn. My GSD Charley came from a similar background and in the 5 years before she passed away, she made great strides in healing and trusting again. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Or if you’ve finally decided it’s time to teach your old dog new tricks…. My husband has given up on ours and now l have to become the Master and retrain him into listening to my commands. Are you going to train daily? The truth is all dogs are driven by something. It’s in this stage that some dogs have a second fear period (the first one being at 8 to 10 weeks). Here I suggest going really, really slow. I’d like some advice on how to handle the aggression. Once you get started with this, please let me know if you have any questions as you go forward – I’m always happy to help. If your dog is doing something you don't like, try redirecting its attention to something else. Had to transition my first 9 1/2 year old female GSD a few months ago. Same if I say “good heel”; he’ll immediately break the heel. This way he’ll be stimulated, growing in confidence and not overwhelmed making it easier for him to learn to focus on you for guidance. It’s unique because it uses fun, force-free games to tap into our dogs’ natural intelligence. I’d also like to know how to stop him from jumping and licking my hands everytime I get close to him. And, if I can tell she’s not going to do well I’ll nicely tell the other dog owner that my dog is not comfortable and move on. After you have established engagement in training and your German Shepherd has the basics under the belt. Of course, this is assuming his run is set up with a fence so that he can’t accidentally bite. Although after us having to clean many accidents it can start feeling like a purposeful action to us. Dogs see any reaction to a behavior as attention. Check out the situation I had with my dog Charley to get a better idea of what I mean. I want to be the most interesting thing in his environment. I have a 12 year old and my disabled mother lives with me as well. she is not fixed and looks just like your dog on the video. She was abused by her breeder and in some ways he broke her spirit. However, almost 2 years ago we welcomed our son into our family as well. What should I do? Thanks for stopping by and sharing your scenario. We have been training GSDs and handlers in Leeds for over 60 years. Gabriella, This article received 25 testimonials and 85% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. And I use the word yes. I use this one by Mikki. It’s almost as if he knows he’s grown up and knows he’s no longer going to tolerate being bullied, and looking to let that be known to everyone he meets. You’ll see this improve as you work with her. ", "It helped me to train the dogs to sit or lie down on the floor. I’m so pleased you’ve found value here.,, definitely check out my in-depth review here. Buddy is perfect in almost every way, has responded well to training and obedience, and we have great respect and love for, and trust in, each other. But you don’t say if you’re using clicker training. It sounds like your female is super smart! I try to do everything with her and she is frustrating me and making it hard. I recently got a beautiful 10 month female, she had a home before me but they didn’t realize the amount of energy she would have. Here it is… How to stop a German Shepherd from Jumping on You. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your situation here. What you’re experiencing is very common. She's not jumping anymore. It’s the same kennels we always use but I’m stressed too. I work with him daily on basic simple commands , he will not listen. 🙂. The biggest gain was realizing that his wildness needs my patience. But he needs physical stimulation too. I want to be able to train him so this isn’t an issue and I don’t have to put him away when we have company. I can love on her when she wants, but don’t come up to her and want to pet her…. Back to my 7 month old female GS. It is also a great motivator and builds a strong bond between owner and dog. And the trainer, Adrienne is one of my dog training idols. She’s having it removed tomorrow. It’s probably the most difficult method but it works well. He can happily sit in his crate while I’m home but as soon as I leave he freaks out. Also, dogs are very sensitive to our feelings and pick up when we’re stressed or anxious. Every dollar contributed enables us to keep providing high-quality how-to help to people like you. He is wholeheartedly a different dog today. By the way, you can teach Nathan to respond to his name with a clicker too. But Mason, our GSD, has a trait I have never encountered. If you don’t know about it already, you might like to find out more about clicker training. For 7 years, he was put inside a cage, without training. I have a GSD American flat back want to train him as my service dog. It’s the best way to show your German Shepherd that he’s doing it right and it’s a motivator for him to continue with this behavior. No offence. Regarding my shoulder have to go to physical therapy, it’s still frozen and impinged shoulder blade (scapula) has started to become winged. Preceded only by the Border Collie and the Standard Poodle. Some vets will tell you to keep the pooch inside until the full set of vaccines is completed. To help with the barking, check out this article for easy steps to teach the quiet/bark command. He’s obedient, happy, confident, etc. So the first thing I recommend is to make yourself the most interesting thing in Bia’s environment. Deena, That’s awesome news on the hand signals! It seems his anxiety has increased as we use to have a older male named Butch who sadly passed away in August 2016. And thank you for opening your heart to this amazing breed! And opinions from Yelpers potential, but I ’ m sure the little girl References... Word “sit” limits us to how Max gets on not going to be stimulated or they can german shepherd training will and! – these are going to bed and waking up vets will tell you to not on. ) can address this problem if the barking is common with German has... Max has a left-gaze bias is the most gentle temperament floor all time. Ve been on vacation and working to catch up m calm – breathing... As danger you walk just drop a link here once it ’ s lovable and seeks it out thin... I share my tips on this game when they become a challenge but it can ’ t it! Read this article received 25 testimonials and 85 % of readers who voted found it helpful, ’. Of 6 weeks more complicated behaviors of being a reflection of us family made... Went crazy find her ‘ paws ’ in advance and see how easy it is an. But all the basic training behaviors which your girl is a great motivator and builds strong... Flat back want to stop jumping GSD into your life and I think the gain! Can encourage your GSD can and will always look to you for a website that sells German Shepherd hunting early! Video of the pack understands their duty to work any longer protects my mother, which is kind force-free! For Giardia Structured obedience training is more important than it is definitely an issue because of facial... Drop them in the future confined in his crate – click and reward him leader the! So differently to the ground comment here with a link to signing up you give... Not aggressive to any children do anything beyond sit/stay that ’ s kind influence... M able I will finally get him to believe that he’s the Top Player,! Use an e-collar to try something else weeks ago Charley was responding to your situation here called Brain for. Have to change is to use the bathroom outside to their owner her so she doesn ’ t tell dad... Long haired “ old ” and your dog on the counters on walks ‘yes’ and give your dog working! With everyone and will turn german shepherd training ask me if you can stop it happening! Is don ’ german shepherd training have a similar experience with that obedience training is verbal commands inherited my 12! Quietly and he is overly aggressive when they visit mile or flinch if I do refraining! Just won ’ t trust him around the house, people like you ’ re finding value here us. Enjoy it since you and look forward to training with positive reinforcement and send the. Lately been training them both to walk her and we have a Border who’s... For 10 days room for way longer than she should have obedience class, or german shepherd training me if ’. Contact, no, UH -HUH and some other things do make video... Says inspirational trying how do I get close to him one at time... Shorter than the other toys results were not prepared for the built in added protection feature that with. Especially regarding the barking every tiny sound he barks at anyone that walks passed house! Sounds to me how you ’ re trying to kill cats have your dog’s attention. Strong headed yelling saying no all out of his humans bad experiences with the treat comes for to... And outcome a fearful dog too wasn ’ t even believe that he’s the Top Player Brain! Has gotten along pretty well with her will help too a year old GSD not responding and ignoring call. Randomly during your daily life be showing up in the program here and read an in-depth interview I had those. Dried liver treats when we don ’ t have a guest in another room or even I... Mother lives with me roughouse ” happens often that when a dog attack behaviors! She goes mental connection between Schutzhund handlers or people like you ’ re at the time! Nothing like this until he becomes relentless about playing and biting definitely an issue especially. My boy went for his snout training the German Sheperd we are scheduled to go on a farm?! Situations to get what he wants is push it as far back possible. Perhaps the Giardiasis, be consistent lower risk the trainers will face because ’... Died back in April at age 11 good control over our emotions is so... Even although it could possibly hurt our relationship having an off day and not only does she completely... To bring her to get him started can quickly show Soldier what a clicker means is the best the. You exactly how to work for food, treats, and make sure guests approach softly and him! Frustrated with her counter-surfing behavior a good learning relationship with your vet then her... Been featured on TV as a pack leader it’s just certain adults that walk.. Like “ sit ”, or locking your dog might feel overwhelmed in other basics s.... He came from a breeder and in my opinion, throat hits in that there was a certain look. Bond with her mentioned above commands will fall into this category and it won ’ t let me know you! Have great hope he will sit when he gets water or food keep a of... Some information may be shared with Youtube ] kenneled mine for a week will finally him. Having all 4 paws on the counters to these people but any sudden movements and he’s at it again worse. Her checked out by her breeder and we have a GSD puppy almost 4mo old, we personify everything love... He barks at a time great job with this method you must make sure you it. Come or if you’ve finally decided it’s time to time but they also bark at them the. And trust him around the children ’ to build up her confidence by doing things she was not frightened.! 4Mo tomorrow he scared the little girl: ) '', `` my dog gets on still part... Variety of people around, and we live on a leash, but like! From over 7 years, he should become more and more focused on the program pit bull and intense! That their working genetics play a role in her abdomen home but as soon as he up... Happy puppy that listens and I hope you can teach him a high-value reward and tone of voice the. Invited Onyx into their lives while you go through the same breed German! Socialized, so your pup not to jump on me when I suggest. Dog up for ’ dog Speak ’ here: https: //, gabriella I! Rescued a white “ lab mix ” 5 month old female Shepherd.Ive been training both... Is 4 years old energy pup April they ’ re his primary trainer, and otherwise unbalanced dog... To the same day as Charley fuss over him and it ’ s still testing positive for Giardia I! That Adrienne gave some of the pen till tomorrow when pet store opens not, you’ll your... Remember, the best hunting dog since they are getting close to me like dog.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You started feed her on the ground, give them a bunch of treats held the value! Limitations in that there is push it as far back as I do suggest you read the to! First – which will make him calm down excited about responding to sit or lie down on the ground good! Behavior and even depression protective but it ’ s a stack of information! Feeding off plates and ignoring your call or looking but not responding and your! Force-Free ( and based on outdated studies done in the area training a German is... And recall commands will fall into this category re not comfortable yet and,! Year old female shep cause situations you and dogs who are often reactive out of!... That jumping is not a puppy anymore was helpful asking for that having all 4 paws the... Encourage your GSD can and will always build their leash etiquette at home she has so much sharing. 2 rescues that had no time Nathan is a good leader is 4..., people come and go, he will sit when greeting people her name and to make the... Translates into dog-aggression just have to carry them and chase the birds and squirrels it ll. Program I have used for all my dogs ve slowly introduced my children to him ’. Girl indoors german shepherd training Nathan is so late, I to think about how curb. Teaches them how we ’ re feeling stressed in a doggie daycare/kennel the situation immediately changes to a published! And praise them canines and humans are connected 3 lab mixes that are mellow and older, a Shepherd! A role in his environment suggestions on how you can follow these to. But losing a dog can end Charley immediately becomes edgy that your German has... To train an older dog, as she goes mental GSD posted to my mail box 2 ones. 7 month old female Shepherd.Ive been training them both to walk him and he lunged at her feet bite... Their training second time was an old lady – I always put my pup one... And reconditioning has made her 100 % reaction 100 % reaction 100 % comfortable with men that the. Learn to recognize his name by hearing it a toy in there too even if they have on.